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Maria Sharapova Boyfriend

Life happens when you are not on the court ALL the time. Blogs are reporting that Maria Sharapova dates Charlie Ebersol, the son of NBC sports chairman Dick Ebersol and actress Susan Saint James. According to New York Daily News, Sharapova joked that “my boyfriend will probably outbid you” before putting herself up for auction at the Bryan Brothers’ All-Star Tennis Smash charity event last weekend. However, one lucky guy won a date with the Russian tennis star - for $10,000. Charlie first received media attention when he and his father survived a 2004 charter plane crash that took the lives of two crew members and Charlie’s younger brother. Since then, Charlie has become a film producer, collaborating with Ashton Kutcher on the documentary Ithuteng (Never Stop Learning). The film debutes on HBO on Dec. 3.

Maria Sharapova Boyfriend
Maria Sharapova Boyfriend
Maria Sharapova BoyfriendThe budding romance between Maria Sharapova and NBC Sports Chairman and President Dick Ebersol's son Charlie Ebersol has reportedly pleased his famous parents. The Ebersol family suffered great tragedy in 2004 when Charlie and his father were in a plane crash. Charlie’s younger brother Teddy, 14, died at the scene in Montrose County, Colorado. The Teddy Ebersol Red Sox Fields at Lederman Park in Boston was built in memoriam to the young man.
Maria Sharapova Boyfriend
Maria Sharapova BoyfriendMaria Sharapova was recently spotted drinking coffee (I’m assuming at the Manhattan Beach Le Pain Quotidien) with boyfriend Sasha Vujacic of the Los Angeles Lakers. These photos crack me up because the scale is so skewed – he’s 6’7″ tall and she’s listed at 6’2″ – as if they’re any normal-sized couple going for a stroll. In reality, the ground shakes and the sun disappears when these two giants pass by. I’m still waiting for photographic evidence of this phenomena. Until then we can only imagine:
Maria Sharapova Boyfriend
Maria Sharapova BoyfriendI’m guessing it’s easier and nicer to be able to look eye-to-eye (not to mention lip lock) without performing feats of bodily contortion, too.

That USA Today article is packed with a lot of interesting stuff, by the way. Click here to read more.

I love how this video makes their relationship sound so tawdry: “Seen together at a U2 concert? Hmmmmm?”

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